A completely new route lies ahead for the 43rd Dakar Rally

BRX can look forward to an entirely new route across Saudi Arabia for the 2021 Dakar Rally. The route for the 43rd edition of the Dakar has been unveiled, with a host of exciting develops to one of the most challenging endurance races in motorsport.

The 2021 Dakar Rally will take place between January 3rd -15th when it returns to the Middle East. Starting and finishing in Jeddah, each timed section that BRX will take on will be part of a completely new route on the loop course.

In 2020, teams got a glimpse of the breath-taking terrain on display in Saudi Arabia, and the next chapter of the Dakar Rally will take teams and drivers into uncharted territory, as they tackle the challenging geography of the desert region. To add to the excitement, road books are to be handed out ten minutes before the drivers’ set off across the desert, meaning the BRX team will only have a limited amount of time to take on vital information that will see them through each stage.

While the 2021 Dakar Rally is set to be the most exciting to date, safety measures have been bolstered for the upcoming race. Dedicated slow zones have been put in place, where a max speed of 90km/h is enforced to ensure driver safety. Aural warnings will come into play to advise on difficulty 2 and 3 zones on each stage, to keep drivers alert. Also, airbag vests will now be mandatory, as another means of ensuring driver safety.

The years of development by the BRX team has been building to the point of arriving at the start line in Jeddah next year ready to take on the dunes of Saudi Arabia, and with a four wheel drive T1 car built with the Middle East terrain in mind, BRX is ready for the challenge.

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