Bahrain Raid Xtreme Sets Sights on Historic Challenge

Bahrain Raid Xtreme (BRX) is preparing itself to take on one of the biggest challenges in motorsport; the 2021 Dakar Rally.

An exciting joint venture between the Kingdom of Bahrain and British motorsport business, Prodrive, sees the two parties build on an illustrious heritage in motorsport, through the formation of a brand-new team to join the start line in Saudi Arabia for the 43rd edition of the Dakar Rally.

BRX is a hugely ambitious project, and the challenge in front of the team has not escaped its Team Director, David Richards.

Richards may have six World Rally Championship titles, five Le Mans class wins and four British Touring Car Championships to his name, with Prodrive, but he is fully aware that Dakar is a different beast.

“Dakar is to motorsport what Mount Everest is to mountaineers. It is one of the great challenges in motorsport and one that Prodrive has yet to take on, but now the time is right.

“The team are going to face hostile environments and challenging terrain that requires near-superhuman endurance to conquer. Its not uncommon for drivers to be racing for over eight hours.”

“You have to approach the Dakar Rally in a very different way, the car has to be not only durable but serviceable and things will go wrong and you have to plan for that. If something breaks, it needs to be easily fixable.

It is not just about the car though, over 200 people will have been involved in getting the team to the start line in 2021, and there will be over 60 team members in the field at the race. To ensure we are full prepared, we will all have to go through a fitness programme to make sure we are Dakar ready.”

On January 3rd, 2021, years of preparation and development will be put into practice when BRX take on the Dakar Rally. It will be one of the biggest challenges David Richards and the team will undertake, but they are ready.

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