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3.5 litre V6 twin turbo
Single plenu
Dry sump
Power 400 bhp
Torque 700 Nm


4 wheel drive
Six speed sequential shift gearbox
Front, centre and rear differentials


High strength steel tubular structure
Carbon and natural fibre composite bodywork
Built-in hydraulic jacks


Double wishbone
Two fully adjustable dampers per wheel



Carbon fibre seats
Six-point safety harness
Dual fire extinguisher system
Lightweight lithium-ion battery
Navigation system


500 litre in safety cell to FIA standards

Six pot front calipers
Six pot rear calipers
Vented discs


172 x 112

37" tyre

Length - 4.5m
Width - 2.3m
Height - 1.85m
Wheelbase - 2.9m


Hunter c.jpg


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grey 4.png

New for 2022 is the BRX Hunter T1+ car built to the new FIA regulations. It competes with a new generation of advanced sustainable fuels, developed in conjunction with our partner Coryton Advanced Fuels.  Called Prodrive EcoPower it meets the latest FIA regulations and has been specifically developed to demonstrate the environmental benefits of the latest sustainable fuel technology.  The main components are generation 2 biofuel manufactured from agricultural waste and efuels created from carbon capture. As a result, the fuel offers an 80% reduction in green house gas emissions compared to equivalent petrol.


The new T1+ class is aimed at balancing the performance between between the 4WD and 2WD cars with the new Hunter T1+ having 25% more suspension travel and larger wheels to absorb the brutal conditions out in the desert. The cars are now 30 centimetres wider creating a stance and look that is purposeful and aggressive at the same time.


These changes have necessitated some significant changes to the Hunter’s drivetrain; suspension and bodywork. The suspension geometry has been reconfigured with longer wishbones and dampers, and there are larger brakes accommodated in the 17” wheels. The larger tyre radius increases the load in the drivetrain so driveshafts, the propshaft and differentials have all been modified. The wider track has also meant nearly half the bodywork has been redesigned with Ian Callum restyling the Hunter to suit the new regulations, while keeping the same distinctive look.

sustainably powered

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